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I care about my food being plant based, organic, gluten free and unprocessed. On this blog I hope you’ll find inspiration and guidance to make healthy choices. Let’s learn together.

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Two years ago, I moved from my safe little city in Norway, to brighter lights and a big, thrilling city I had never seen before – Toronto, Canada. There I started picking up an interest in fitness. The great warm weather, the big parks, and the inspiring people was just what I needed. Before, I had never really cared about the nutrition behind what I ate. It was simple – I ate what I liked.
But new continents call for new habits, and so I learned when I had to maneuver through the gigantic supermarkets. I saw things like “gluten free,” “nitrate free,” “Organic”. Things I never had paid any attention to before. But I also saw cookies, burgers and cupcakes. And naturally, I fell for the sweet temptations.         My habits didn’t change until I saw myself changing. I started worrying about appearance. I started stressing. I changed my view on food. I went to a nutritionist. I googled. I noted. I read. Everything I was told pulled me in different directions.
      It wasn’t until I came back to Norway that I lowered my shoulders.After having read about food every day for a year I had learned. Almost without noticing that I had all the pieces to the puzzle. I was eating healthy, but I wasn’t completely happy. Something was missing.
      One evening I watched a few documentaries. The final drop to make my decision. I want to be vegan. As soon as I thought the thought I knew I was sure. I changed everything over night. Something that could’ve gone very bad, turned into the boost in the right direction I’ve ever had.
      After only one month I felt amazing. Physically, mentally, and oh… the energy. The energy was amazing. It is amazing. As I write this I’ve been eating a vegan, unprocessed and mainly organic diet for just over a month. I’m still learning, but I’m sure that this is the path for me.

I hope I can make a difference by teaching people who want to learn. I want to make people feel as good as they can feel. I want to support local farmers. Natural products. Fair trade, and the environment.

I want to inspire. And I want to help. 


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. I meet so many people through my work everyday who walk down the supermarket isle and unfortunately pick the soft drink and the lollies and pre-packaged food. Then they wonder why they don’t feel so great. Good on you for educating yourself and discovering what works for you. Happy food journeying! PS: your blog is visually stunning.


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