Let’s talk makeup removal

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Aside from being passionate about nutrition, my interest include pure beauty products. I think most of us (girls) are so used to makeup that we never take a step back and question what we’re really putting on our skin. Because that’s what we’re doing. We’re putting stuff on our skin. Our skin being the biggest organ of our body and the stuff being toxins. Yet we wonder why we keep breaking out.


Instead of curing the problem from it’s origin, we buy another product to help the problem. It’s a bit of an evil downward spiral. When I first started looking at my makeup with a critical eye I was surprised by how much sense it really makes to use natural products. I woke up one morning with a terrible rash. I had borrowed a product from a friend and gone to bed without washing it off. My skin had reached badly. Other than blackheads, varying oiliness and a few pimples now and then, I haven’t had many problems with my skin. But in this situation I got my eyes up. My sensitive and inflamed skin made me hesitate with using any of my product. It didn’t seem right to “intoxicate” my skin like that.

I thought “huh, If I wouldn’t use this on my skin now that it’s vulnerable, why should I every other day?” I looked into it.


Now I use this lovely thing right here every night. Organic coconut oil. I use this primarily on my eyes, but also on the rest of the face. I rub it carefully on my closed eyes and wipe it off with a cloth soaked in hot water. Easy, natural and super effective! The more you massage it into your skin, for example your forehead, the better. You can combine this with leaving the cloth on your face for one minute for a deeper cleanse. What’s exciting it that my eyelashes feel longer and stronger, and my skin barely breaks out at all anymore. Go nature! IMG_6950

If I want to cleanse my skin a little extra, or if I wake up feeling a little oily, I use this baby. It smells deliciously like almonds and always leaves my skin feeling fresh. I use both coconut oil and this cleansing lotion on my skin, but stick to coconut oil on my eyes.


If you have any questions, fire away!

Helene Christine


5 foods to invest in

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I always keep these five foods in my kitchen, to make any meal a bit better in an instant. I use them all every day and add them to absolutely everything.pIMG_5542

Bee pollen (not vegan) is easy to drizzle over a fruit salad, smoothie or cup of oats. Really good for you, of course, and both looks and tastes good.pIMG_5543

A more common one; Coconut meat. This one is also great to toss over anything to give it a sweet touch. I add it to everything.pIMG_5544

A must for any vegan, and awesome for anyone. Hemp has a lot of plant protein and can also be bought in powder form. Add it to a salad, a muffin, homemade bread or anything else you can think of. pIMG_5545

Chia seeds are amazing for you. If you’re vegan and can’t – or simply don’t like – taking fish oil, this is your new best friend. pIMG_5548Spirulina. Where do I start? An absolute necessity for vegans, great for people who don’t eat enough greens, and really, beneficial for all of us. I add this to my smoothies, my oat meal (I’ll be posting that recipe soon), or a glass of water if I really wanna give myself a health boost.

Photography by me

Helene Christine