Sweet potato fries + raw bowl

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Whenever I make sweet potato fries (at least once a week..), I devour them. They’re so addicting, it’s nuts. After waiting 25 minutes for them to bake, I don’t want to wait another second. Therefore, I usually end up eating my fries on a salad. It really seems depressingly boring, but it is my favorite way to accompany them. I don’t choose the salad just because I want food fast, I also can’t fit anything else. Back to the mentioned devouring problem. I devour the whole sweet potato when I get going. There simply isn’t space for more. Salad is the way to go.


I often make more of a traditional salad, but this time I made it raw and colorful with carrot, cauliflower, red cabbage and broccoli sprouts. Keep it creative! Raw salads are genius. Grab some of the veggies you need to get rid of and shred them. Add some clean dressing if you need and voilà – two birds with one stone. You clean out the older veggies, give your body raw (amazing) nutrients to work with, and you use only a couple of minutes to throw it together.


Raw food: amazing for your body. Means less oil to mess with your system, and more nutrients for your body in their natural form.
Sprouts: better for your body to digest. Nutrients will be easier for your body to absorb.


Bon appétit!

Helene Christine


Vegan sweet potato fries

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xIMG_5341I eat these several times a week at the moment. Delicious sweet potato fries.

The recipe is simple

Sweet potatoes (one potato = one serving)
Oil of choice (I use olive oil)
Spices of choice (I use oregano, cayenne pepper, pink himalaya salt and ungrounded black pepper)

What I do
Preheat the oven to 225 degrees celsius
Wash and cut the sweet potato into wedges
Put the sweet potatoes and the oil in a plastic bag and move the content around until the potatoes are completely covered in the oil
Spread the oiled potatoes on a bakingsheet, add the spices
Let them bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes, flipping them once

Tip: Serve them on a of baby leaf salad with some avocado..


Helene Christine