Fair trade

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My journey started with fitness. It continued to nutrition. Healthy ingredients. I started caring about organic food and detesting the GMO industry. I learned about the meat and dairy industry. Then it was toxins. Pure cosmetics.

Today I watched a short documentary series about the textile industry. Wow. It brought me to tears.
We all know that the world is unfair and we’re aware that people in this world suffer. But we don’t really know.
We say it’s terrible but we don’t use our power to change it.
I want to do something. Even if my effort won’t show in the big statistics, I’ll know that I did something.

IMG_5158People are stuck in a terribly dark circle. Every day they fight a fight to live another one. We think they’re used to it – that they don’t know what a better life is like. But we’re the same. We all have dreams, and we all know what hunger and exhaustion feels like.

As a Norwegian, I’m in a position where I can help. That fact is another thing I’ve heard so many times without really seeing myself. After watching this documentary I feel guilty. I feel guilty for attributing to this unfair life of so many people. I believe that you vote with your money. I buy organic food with hopes to see more of it in the stores. I want to support local and honest farming, so I buy such produce when I can. The same way, I want to look for the fair trade logo when shopping from here on. Making small but meaning full choices doesn’t take much!

If you’re Norwegian, take a small hour to watch this documentary –
And check out Fairtrade Norway’s facebook page and the tag #fairtradepause

If you’re not Norwegian, find the Fairtrade Facebook page and Instagram for your country!
Or simply check out www.fairtrade.net 

Helene Christine