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I’m a sucker for the winter holidays. I absolutely love the decorating, the baking and the coziness. I’m already super excited, and can’t wait to start. So, I made this wallpaper and I’ve been using it on my laptop since the middle of November. Ironically early – I know. Now that its almost December here I don’t feel that crazy sharing it with you. If you want this wallpaper, right click on the picture and save it! I’m sorry I don’t know of a better way for you to download it.. This will have to do for now!

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Happy December!

Helene Christine


Eating seasonal



These days it’s perfectly common to eat the same fruits and vegetables all year – no matter which season. To increase the odds of getting organic, real produce, a simple tip to follow is to eat seasonal. Organic veggies aren’t just free of pesticides and toxins, but so much more nutritious. pIMG_5604Another tip –

Look up what fruits and vegetables are in season, make a list and keep it in your kitchen. Eating seasonal shouldn’t be a rule or a handicap, but something to keep in mind. It might give you some inspiration to try something new!


Photography by me

Helene Christine