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The holidays are right around the corner and with my new passion for fitness and nutrition my wishlist is a bit longer than usual. I’ve been analyzing what I really need the most, and been looking for inspiration from my current favorites. If you’re looking for a place to spend your holiday money, or you’re looking for some gifts for anyone interested in health – here are are some ideas.

Glass jars. Haha, if someone told me gass jars would thrill me two years ago I wouldn’t have believed it but now that I spend more time in the kitchen, cute cookware really excites me. Especially things that make my day easier. I keep my nuts, grains and seeds nicely organized in these glass jars that I recently bought loads of at Ikea. You can find them, and the bottles I store my almond milk in, here.


Teeea. I try to drink my liters of water every day, but in the winter, I like warming it up a little. Herbal tea is my favorite as it’s nutritious, delicious and caffeine-free. Yes, I tray to stay clear of caffeine, but no, I can’t always resist coffee. If you want to learn more about my opinion on coffee and tea, you can read my post here. A lot of my herbal tea is from pukka, which is certified organic, and have fair trade options.


Simple necklaces. I love these more and more very day. The wishbone is a christmas gift from last year, paired with a chain I got on my trip to Mexico. The shortest one is a plain chain I got recently from a local jewelry store. Now, my favorite one is the “om” necklace. My mom got me this earlier this year in Toronto from the awesome brand Dogeared. Most of their pieces have deeper meanings, and come with a small note explaining your exact peace. Symbolic, personal jewelry is right up my alley. I definitely wouldn’t mind getting another one of these! You can also get these on Amazon here.

IMG_6890 IMG_6898

Nike ankle weights. Awesome awesome awesome. Just great for working out at home – especially those glutes!


Funny jumper. Haha, this one is really exciting to me. I ordered it here only a few days ago and it’s already a favorite. I might be a little lame, but I just had to get it. Love at first sight right here.


Nike leggings with fun design. My beloved leggings. Without doubt my favorite training wear. I love the mix of white, gray and black on leggings. I don’t think these are in stores anymore, but this website seems to be selling them here.

IMG_5457Las but not least. Chocolate. Every girl needs chocolate. My favorite chocolate brand at the moment is Pana Chocolate. Their chocolate is raw, organic and free of processed bad stuff – they’re also vegan. Out of the ones I’ve tried, I love the ones with nuts, the raw cacao and the cinnamon bar. If you like mint chocolate, that one is killer too.

I hope you enjoyed my recommendations! I’ll probably be posting more of these. Until then, Happy holidays!

Helene Christine


Fair trade

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My journey started with fitness. It continued to nutrition. Healthy ingredients. I started caring about organic food and detesting the GMO industry. I learned about the meat and dairy industry. Then it was toxins. Pure cosmetics.

Today I watched a short documentary series about the textile industry. Wow. It brought me to tears.
We all know that the world is unfair and we’re aware that people in this world suffer. But we don’t really know.
We say it’s terrible but we don’t use our power to change it.
I want to do something. Even if my effort won’t show in the big statistics, I’ll know that I did something.

IMG_5158People are stuck in a terribly dark circle. Every day they fight a fight to live another one. We think they’re used to it – that they don’t know what a better life is like. But we’re the same. We all have dreams, and we all know what hunger and exhaustion feels like.

As a Norwegian, I’m in a position where I can help. That fact is another thing I’ve heard so many times without really seeing myself. After watching this documentary I feel guilty. I feel guilty for attributing to this unfair life of so many people. I believe that you vote with your money. I buy organic food with hopes to see more of it in the stores. I want to support local and honest farming, so I buy such produce when I can. The same way, I want to look for the fair trade logo when shopping from here on. Making small but meaning full choices doesn’t take much!

If you’re Norwegian, take a small hour to watch this documentary –
And check out Fairtrade Norway’s facebook page and the tag #fairtradepause

If you’re not Norwegian, find the Fairtrade Facebook page and Instagram for your country!
Or simply check out 

Helene Christine

My wallpaper


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I’m a sucker for the winter holidays. I absolutely love the decorating, the baking and the coziness. I’m already super excited, and can’t wait to start. So, I made this wallpaper and I’ve been using it on my laptop since the middle of November. Ironically early – I know. Now that its almost December here I don’t feel that crazy sharing it with you. If you want this wallpaper, right click on the picture and save it! I’m sorry I don’t know of a better way for you to download it.. This will have to do for now!

*If anyone here on WordPress knows how to add a download link to a blog post, please tell me how!*

Happy December!

Helene Christine

Ahhh Fall


Yes, summer is summer and I can’t say it isn’t my favorite season; But there’s something so special about fall. There’s something about the mood that comes with it. This season gives me a creativity boost on all levels and I love it. Some of the things that really hits my soft spot are baking on a rainy day, beautiful big city parks, nice cappuccinos, and of course autumn fashion. Can’t we all agree that fall has the best clothes? fallcollage1 fallcollage2 fallcollage3 knitwear – hats – DIY projects – apple pie – boots – interior – leaves – cappuccinos  Mmm.. And how great is that black board table? I really want a blackboard and chalk somewhere in my future apartment. Pictures from my Pinterest account Helene Christine