Vegan, gluten free bliss balls

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Total cooking time: 15 minutes

Base ingredients:

1 cup gluten free oats

1/2 cup flax seeds (or ground flax seeds)

1 tbsp chia seeds (or ground chia seeds)

1/2 almond butter

1/3 cup shredded coconut, unsweetened

1/4 maple syrup, organic

1/2 tbs vanilla extract, organic


  • Mix everything together. I like using a blender for this, but a bowl and a spoon does just fine.
  • Form into balls. Size doesn’t matter at all – it’s up to you.

Optional add-ons:

Dark chocolate chunks

Dried cranberries

Spirulina powder

Maca powder

..whatever you want!

Simple right?

You can mix around with the recipe as you please. If you’re missing some of the ingredients – no problem. When your sweet tooth kicks in, these treats will only take you a few minutes to whip together!

Tip: when you’re feeling extra needy for something sweet, try dipping them in dark (or even homemade) chocolate.

This recipe is:

vegan ♥ gluten free ♥ free of refined sugar ♥ (can be) organic ♥ plant based


Helene Christine


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