I’ve been trying to limit how much salt I eat for a long time, and always reached for the crystalized sea salt when cooking. But some time ago I started to wonder – is there really that much of a difference between crystalize sea salt and “normal”, ground table salt? I wanted to know – what is actually the healthiest kind of salt? Well I did some reading, and the good guy here seems to be pink himalayan sea salt. This salt has a much higher content of good minerals, which also gives it it’s nice color.

Himalaya salt is also less processed. A lot of normal table is made in a lab – not by nature.
pIMG_5563I really recommend switching to the pink himalayan sea salt! Making the switch barely takes any effort. Buy a big bag and keep it in a large container like this one and you won’t have to go to the store for a long time.

Want to learn more? Continue your research!


Helene Christine


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