5 foods to invest in

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I always keep these five foods in my kitchen, to make any meal a bit better in an instant. I use them all every day and add them to absolutely everything.pIMG_5542

Bee pollen (not vegan) is easy to drizzle over a fruit salad, smoothie or cup of oats. Really good for you, of course, and both looks and tastes good.pIMG_5543

A more common one; Coconut meat. This one is also great to toss over anything to give it a sweet touch. I add it to everything.pIMG_5544

A must for any vegan, and awesome for anyone. Hemp has a lot of plant protein and can also be bought in powder form. Add it to a salad, a muffin, homemade bread or anything else you can think of. pIMG_5545

Chia seeds are amazing for you. If you’re vegan and can’t – or simply don’t like – taking fish oil, this is your new best friend. pIMG_5548Spirulina. Where do I start? An absolute necessity for vegans, great for people who don’t eat enough greens, and really, beneficial for all of us. I add this to my smoothies, my oat meal (I’ll be posting that recipe soon), or a glass of water if I really wanna give myself a health boost.

Photography by me

Helene Christine


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